Altar Guild

Altar Guild teams, working under the direction of the clergy, prepare for the celebration of the Eucharist or any of the other sacraments of the church, including baptisms, weddings and funerals. They also take care of the vessels, vestments, linens, and acolyte equipment.
At our church, the altar guild is divided into four teams. Each team assumes responsibility for the worship services for a whole week, including Saturday, Sunday, weekday services, and weddings and funerals during the week. Team members prepare the altar before each service, clean the altar area after each service, and care for the linens and vestments. The guild holds two major meetings a year, prior to Holy Week and Christmas. Together they review the details of these busy times, socialize, and sometimes have a guest speaker. All members work together during Holy Week and Christmas to share the work and get to know people on the other teams.
Join us and learn about this great ministry, open to men and women, that has been in existence for centuries. If you are looking for a ministry that will truly and humbly serve the Lord, please contact our clergy or one of the Altar Guild directors, Linda Seeber at or Jean Freitag at