About Seasons – By Anika Barbarito

Welcome to St. Martin-in-the-Field’s brand-new newsletter,  Seasons. Once upon a time,  St. Martin’s published The Fielder, a frequent,  if not exactly monthly newsletter. The Fielder served its purpose well, keeping the parish informed of all the happenings of the church. But times change, the pace of news changed, and we now accomplish this electronically through our website, weekly email newsletter, and Facebook page. While these avenues are highly informative, they don’t tell the whole story. Seasons will offer information about the rhythms and meanings of the current season and how they relate to who we are and what we do together as Christians. The season we are in now is referred to as “Ordinary Time,” which Fr. Mike has written about on the next page. You will find several other articles inside that will give you a glimpse of our wonderful community.

Seasons is not meant to be a timely “newsletter” filled with all the church news, but rather a new means to help us tell the story of St. Martin-in-the-Fields and engage you in the life of our strong, caring, active community. This fledgling publication has room for growth, and seasonally, we will be asking for your contributions of articles, stories, art, and pictures, so stay tuned to your emails in early November! Please enjoy our first issue.

Download an 8 1/2 by 11 PDF (1.27 MB)  

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