A Closer Look at Youth Confirmation 2014

Last weekend, Mother Amy and I spent time with six teens who were interested in learning more about what it means to be confirmed in the Episcopal church. We were also blessed to have  Shawn and Kelley Higgins as adult sponsors, recently confirmed and offered their support and shared their own experiences of Confirmation at St. Martin’s.

We trekked out to the Episcopal Church of the Annunciation in Lewisville.  They  graciously offered their church and youth room for our retreat.  Special thanks goes to Tracy Miller, their dedicated Youth Minister for preparing the space for us.

We led the teens through the Sacraments, Episcopal identity, church leadership structure and much more.  We visited a labyrinth and learned how to pray in color! We even had time for football and “sardines.”  It was fun to have meals together and get to know this group of teens even better.  They weren’t afraid to ask difficult questions and they really spoke from the heart about their journey of faith.

We finished up with posters for each participant.  The other teens and adults jotted down the qualities we saw in each teen.  Words popped up like, “brave” and “compassionate.”  We even had fun things like “goofy” and “fun.”confirmation1

What I took from spending time with this group is that they are building a community of friends that pray together, spend time together and are growing in faith.  They aren’t afraid of the mature commitment they are making. They are seeking this new path of faith and looking for ways to serve.confirmpic3

When the Bishop visited, he spoke of how at one point in his life, he didn’t think he was smart enough to serve God. Can you imagine? We all have our reasons for doubting what we already have the ability to do ….to love and serve the Lord.confirmation rooted in faith pic


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