Julie Sutton

Vestry (2022), Service/Outreach Liaison


Julie and her family joined St. Martin’s in 2016 after attending a United Methodist Church for over 10 years. She served as a member of Church Council for 6 years in the United Methodist Church and worked extensively with the Hospitality and Outreach teams. Raised in a Methodist household, Julie’s family was drawn not only to familiar customs and liturgy, but to the welcoming environment of the Episcopal Church, where women, people of color, and LGBTQ can all be ordained to serve. Julie and her husband, Garrison married in 2010 and welcomed their only child, Marlowe, in 2013. They live in North Richland Hills.

Julie is a faculty member in the Mathematical Sciences Department at The University of Texas at Dallas. She brings a passion for research and real-life application of the skills to her students along with educating the next generation of teachers on more active and engaging ways to teach mathematics. She is a current board member for the Policy and Advocacy committee for the Association for Women in Mathematics, and a steering committee member for the UTeach Dallas program. Throughout graduate school, Julie planned and hosted fundraisers, conferences, and outreach activities. She has a passion for serving others and a strong desire to bring communities together, especially through ecumenical gatherings.