8/10 Children’s Chapel

During the Summer, all children, teens and anyone interested are invited to children’s chapel.  Children’s chapel is held each Sunday during the 10:30am service in the chapel except for the first Sunday of the month, when we celebrate at the family worship service.  The family worship service has a youth focus with a children’s sermon and opportunities for youth to serve as readers, ushers and more!  For children’s chapel, children begin in the sanctuary with their families and  are asked to process with the cross to the chapel for a reading of the Gospel, prayers, creeds and fun activities.  The children will return at the Peace to their families. Starting in the month of September, we will still have the family worship service each first Sunday of the month.  Sunday school will return in the education building during the 10:30am service on all other Sundays of the month for children ages 4-12th grades.  Nursery is provided each Sunday for children 0-3 years.

Keep My Eyes on You

This week’s chapel lesson will be about trusting Jesus.  The disciples had seen Jesus at work, and yet, they still let their own worries and fears get in the way.  They lost sight of Jesus.  Jesus reminded them to have faith and to keep their eyes on Him.

Sometimes when we get stressed or bad things happen, it is just like we are surfing in the ocean.   Our worries are like the ocean waves, getting too rough for us to manage and we keep falling off of our surf board.  We end up gasping for air, getting tangled in seaweed and gulping a mouthful of salty sea water! Ew! We forget that Jesus is right there, surfing the waves like a pro, with the wind in his hair and the golden sun shining on his back.  He smiles and encourages us to get up and try again.  But, when we let our problems become huge waves that we try to tackle on our own, what happens?  We end up getting washed off of our surf board again!  By keeping our eyes on our “Surf King Jesus,” and turning to Him in prayer, the rough waters of our lives become waves that we can face and we will find ourselves surfing along, with Jesus right by our side, hanging ten and laughing with us.  With Jesus, we find ourselves being bold, taking chances, reaching out to others who need us too.

Jesus also gives us other “surfers” in our lives. There are people that truly care about you.  They want you to be a good “surfer” too!  Look to those people who pray for you, encourage you and guide you in life.  Any problem can be made better by sharing it with someone who cares.  We were created to live in community, to help each other, to pray and build each other up and for that we give thanks to the Surf King.

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