6/29 Children’s Chapel Focuses on a Different Kind of Reward

A little about Children’s Chapel

Children’s chapel is held each Sunday during the 10:30am service (except for first Sunday of the month) after the Gospel reading.  Children and teen chaplains are invited to the Chapel for Gospel reading, prayers, creeds and songs.  Teen chaplains lead small groups to think and discuss topics, working together on projects too! Children return to the Sanctuary at the Peace. Join us! Adults, want to see what is so GREAT about Chapel? Join us sometime!

This Sunday in Chapel

“God’s Rewards”

This Sunday in Children’s Chapel we will be talking about rewards.  Have you ever been given a trophy or a sticker for doing a good job?  What about God?  How does God reward us?  We won’t see a trophy, but when we welcome someone, we are welcoming Jesus.  We never know what good may come of our kindness.  Helping someone get closer to God is a great reward!

When we show kindness and mercy, we are doing God’s work and walking hand in hand with Jesus on our path of faith. The children and teens will be  challenged to think of ways that they can do something good this week to help someone. At home, help your child or teen find a reward that goes way beyond a trophy or a sticker.  Help them see the beauty in helping someone.

We will look at Matthew 10:40-42 and see that even giving someone a small cup of cold water can make a big difference in the kingdom of God!

“…Those that welcome you are actually welcoming me, Jesus!”

Matthew 10:40

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