17 Cents – Change Hunger

Did you know that 17 cents can buy a pound of food for hungry people in our area? Would you give your pocket change to help change the picture of hunger? Think about the difference your coins and small bills can make: 17 cents can buy a pound, a quarter can buy 1.5 pounds, one dollar can buy almost six pounds!

17cents-jar-photo-400x600To date this year, our 17 Cents – Change Hunger outreach campaign has collected $1069, which amounts to 6288 pounds or 3.1 tons of food! That is an amazing amount of food that will be ready to go to the 4Saints Episcopal Food Pantry at St. Luke in the Meadow Episcopal Church in Fort Worth.

Coin collection is paused

Hang on to your coins! We are going to pause this coin collection until the food pantry gets closer to opening its doors. Don’t worry, though – other churches in our deanery, St. Alban’s, Arlington and St. Stephen’s, Hurst, and St. Luke in the Meadow plan to implement our giving campaign at their churches.

When we restart the campaign, we will once again encourage you to bring your coins or folding money to church and drop them in the “17 Cents” jars.


New program among our network of Episcopal churches

The change you give at St. Martin’s will support a new Episcopal food bank within our deanery, 4Saints Episcopal Food Pantry. The pantry will be at St. Luke in the Meadow Episcopal Church in Fort Worth; St. Luke’s is in the Meadowbrook area of Fort Worth, in an area of low-income families, and hunger is an issue there. Their food pantry will be the only food pantry in the area. We join St. Alban’s, Arlington and St. Stephen’s, Hurst in our support of this food ministry at St. Luke’s, because together we can get this ministry off the ground.

Get more involved

You can get more involved, too. St. Luke’s will need people to volunteer to staff the food pantry, so please contact St. Martin’s outreach committee members Joy Malmgren at grinwane@att.net or Deacon Henry Penner at hpenner@sbcglobal.net to connect with the hands-on work of this ministry.

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